Initial Reaction to Ning

Ohhh Ning…As I first heard of this project and signed in for the first time, the first though the entered my mind was yet another wonderful “Google Sites” worthy aggravation. But…I was wrong. I was very wrong actually. Seeing as I ran into a few problems with Google sites, I was sort of pessimistic with these “start you own web page in minutes” sites that claim you have “full customization.” So of course the first thing I did was browse my way into the “full customization” section, and I have to say, I am more than happy with what I see. Because the first thing that caught my eye was the wonderful three letter C-S-S. What a relief. But I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any fine print such as:

Fully customize your site's appearance using CSS*
*Ning currently supports only 15% of the W3C’s approved CSS tags. This means you really can’t do anything. Yes that means we lied to you. And no we are not liable for the damage you cause to your laptop when aggravation causes you to toss is across the room.

So I took a look around, and not only Ning support CSS, they also offer tutorials, tips, and tricks so people who might not know it that well will know how to do it. Okay so after I got over my CSS excitement, I started to look more seriously at what Ning had to offer. And from what I can see, they offer pretty much everything. You can add streaming videos, chats, blogs, youtube, and hundreds of other options for applications. There is even and application available for you to use if you don’t see an application you like. The “sharendipity” application allows your members to build custom software and explore those created by others within your network…so far this is looking pretty good compared to the Google sites XML custom widgets pain in the ass. I also like that it seems pretty easy to get your site circulating quickly. I just hope my enthusiasm about diving in and getting going with Ning isn’t quickly suppressed like it was with Google Sites. If I was able to enjoy the last project, then I should love this one.

I just hope this project progresses better than it started for me. I haven’t been able to do anything for this project as of yet, and really need to catch up. But even though I haven’t been able to dive into yet, I already learned a valuable lesson in the last weak… even if you feel perfectly fine, when the doctor tells you to stay in bed, stay in bed. Believe it or not, he knew what he was talking about. Imagine that. And to whoever started mononucleosis…. I hate you lol.

Well, time to get to catching up. Looking forward to finishing up strong.

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