Progress on Google sites

Okay so working with Google sites soon became aggravating. I really want to change the design, look, and feel of the site, but you are really limited in what you can do. Sure there are hundreds of templates, but even if you change the colors around the site will still be boring. I want to give the site the personality that I feel it needs, so I really decided to pretty much scratch the idea of trying to do it within Google Sites. I think what I'm going to try and do is maybe photoshop some images and try and set those images as backgrounds for the page and content. Maybe I can try and whip up a nice banner for the site too. I think I'm going to have to create logos for the titles of each page too because you really don't have too many options for style with them period. Hopefully I will be able to figure something out and get this site the way I want it.

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