Possibilities for Wikkitravel

1. My first preference would be to add a page for the Mohawk Trail. There are a few different articles that briefly mention the Mohawk Trail as a travel route only, but that is not what I would like to explore and write about. I want to add a page about what the Mohawk Trail truly is: the best motorcycle ride in the northeast. I will write about the best parts to travel, the different states it runs through, the highlights of the run, places you can stop, and things you can see while your on it. I think the best way for me to go about this would be to add a new Itinerary to North America, because the only one that exists as of now is the Alaska Highway.

2. My second preference would be to add to the already existing page for Cranston, RI. There are a few basic things about Cranston, but some of the better parts of the city are missing. As a local to the city and growing up around it, I think I can add some important details and fun things to do within the city. I would like to add to the "see" and "eat" sections, and I would also like to update the "buy" and "do" sections because they are a little outdated.

3. My third preference would be to add an itinerary for the Kancamagus Highway. There are brief mentionings, again, only as a route to get somewhere, but I think it deserves to have it's own itinerary because there are a lot of things to see, stop in, stay, and do.

beginning Wikki Travel

I have to say, by browsing those few links and stumbling through different things in Wikitravel, again I learned more than I anticipated. Similiar to my lack of knowledge on blogging before the first project, I have heard of Wikkitravel and similar sites, but I just kind of wrote it off and never really looked into it. Now I actually know a pretty good background on it. I like how the site is described as a community, where everybody has the same rights to post or edit anything...well that is except the administrators. But reading about the administrator and different policy sections also gave me some insight. I liked reading the section on "edit wars," and I always wondered what would happen if people continuously overwrote each other's comments. Now I know that they can put users into a cool down period and protect the page for a period of time so it cannot be edited. I'm also glad that the site clarifies that Wikkitravel is not to be used as a personal journal and I enjoyed reading about the tips for new users about what style exactly is permitted. I found that respect is key, and althought the goal is a professional environment, you are encouraged to write with personality...so long as it's not out right slang, swearing, or sarcasm. Although sarcasm isn't really suggested, I'm glad that the site encourages humor, as long as touchy subjects such as politics, locals, government, etc. are approached with caution. My favorite resource for Wikkitravel by far though has to be the, "no advise from 'Captain Obvious' " page. Sometimes people can get carried away with painstaking detail about every statement, but this page promotes concise, honest, and lively posts. I'm also glad that I read the part about speaking to the reader by using "you" but never to use "I" "we" "our" or "my" because it's a community of people posting, commenting, and editing...not just one individual. That being said, I'm interested in "plunging forward" like the site encourages, but I'm just not too sure exactly what I am going to be writing about. I'm a Rhody. Always been a Rhody. And never really traveled much. I guess I'm going to need to give some serious thought as to what exactly I'm going to provide some input on.

"We All Sweat the Small Stuff:" Why you should follow it!

The goal of "We All Sweat the Small Stuff" is to attract a unique kind of audience. An audience that shares a common passion of ranting and raving about all of the little things in life that simply piss us off. A group of people that are far from politically correct, enjoy crude humor, are commonly referred to as an asshole, couldn't care less what others think about them, and just simply can't believe some of the stupid shit that some people in this world believe, do, and let fall out of their mouths.

So why should you listen to what I have to say?

Well, if your a sensitive person with a warm heart that loves nothing more than helping other people and providing moral support...than stop reading right now, exit from my page, and have fun living in your little fairy tale world.

Still reading? Congratulations!...you're not a little bitch. And you most likely can't stand any of the people that would actually exit this page. You understand that the real world sucks. You know that life's a bitch, we're all stuck being married to her, and we are forced to deal with allllll of the bullshit that she throws our way. Am I right? Am I close? Are you thinking to yourself right now "wow this guy's a real jerk"?

Whether you answered "yes" to those questions, or just read right over them like they didn't exist (which is honestly what I would do because I hate rhetorical questions like that)...regardless, you're still reading.

And THAT is why you should listen to me.

In Class Enthusiast Blog Brainstorm

Topic: My blog will be about all of the little things during our day that never seize to piss us off. From genuine acts of kindness that come back to bite you in the ass to all of the things that make you ask: What the hell was that person thinking?

Audience: There are always times when you are driving in your car, walking down the street, or overhearing a conversation that leaves you mumbling comments under your breath or thinking something in your head. This blog will provide a place to actually make public what you've been thinking for all those years. I want to attract an audience that isn't afraid to say what's on their mind.

Personality: The style that I'm aiming for in this blog will combine blunt honesty, sarcastic responses, and crude humor. I think this style will work best for the type of audience that this blog is designed to reach. Seeing as this is the style, I need an outspoken sort of design with a vibrant style.

Potential Title: We All Sweat The Small Stuff

Five Possible Ideas for My Clubhouse Blog

1. A blog that explores the underground world of sport motorcycles.

-This blog would include topics such as new advancements in technology, concept ideas,events, fundraisers, and just discussions about the love of riding. I think it would make a good clubhouse blog because, when it comes to motorcycles, if you love them, you love everything about them and are always curious to find out more about them. I would enjoy this blog because I am a sport bike fanatic myself. My entire family rides and I myself have been riding for a few years now and recently just bought a new bike.

2. We all sweat the small stuff.

-This blog would be about all of the little things during our day that never seize to piss us off. A genuine act of kindness that came back to bite you in the ass. Things that make you ask: What the hell was that person thinking? I think this would make a good blog because there are always times when you are driving in your car, walking down the street, or overhearing a conversation that make leave you mumbling comments under your breath or thinking something in your head. This blog will provide a place to actually make public what you've been thinking for all those years. I personally would enjoy this blog because I would love to share my thoughts on all of the little things that drive me nuts.

3. A man's way of dealing with relationships.

-This would be a good blog because lets face it, men and women clearly have two different ways of thinking and handling different situations. This blog could catch on with guys because we are always looking for the perfect way to avoid the stupid arguments that we never know how we started, and it can provide a place to vent out about all of the things that we think are stupid WITHOUT getting in trouble for it.

4. Conspiracy theories: Getting to the bottom.

-Many people, including myself, are fascinated with the numerous different conspiracy theories involving government cover-up stories. It is an innate inhibition within many people to ask WHY? and seek answers. I would enjoy this blog because there are alot of valid theories out there, and alot of people that are just blowing hot air. This would give me an opportunity to shed some light and provide insight into what I believe to be the best explanations to questions that remain unanswered.

5. For the love of Music.

-To alot of people, music is life. This blog will include topics such as upcomming artists, where the industry is heading, and ranting about some of the unbelievably god awful stuff on the radio today. I would enjoy this blog because I love music, I enjoy looking for stars in the making, and I would love to be able to find other people that want to pull their stereo deck out of there dashboard when songs like "Birthday Sex" come on the radio.