Introducing Google Sites

Okay so when I first heard that our next project is to redesign a website, I have to admit, I liked the idea. I really enjoy working with graphic and web design, and I have a pretty good background on it. I've have created pages from scratch using nothing but HTML code, and I'm also good with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, DHTML, and Ajax. That being said, this is where Google sites disappoints me a little bit. When I write my own code I have the freedom to do whatever I want, and I can rework the code in order to make everything look and work just the way I want it too. But with Google sites, I have some pretty strict boundaries and I can see myself getting frustrated with it at times. Granted Google sites is meant for simple, quick page design, and it's really good for people who have absolutely no idea how to write code. However, I feel like Google sites is more of a restriction than a stepping stone for people who have a pretty good background in writing code and script. Although I don't have quite as much freedom as I would like, I am determined to work with the site to get just what I want. I'm sure there are some tricks, back doors, and loopholes that I'll find/figure out along the way.

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