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'''The Mohawk Trail''' began as a Native American migratory game path. Today it is officially known as '''Massachusetts Route 2''', and it extends from [[Boston, Massachusetts]] to [[Buffalo, New York]].
Like many roads in [[New England]], the trail got its start as a migratory game path originating somewhere west of the Taconic Mountains (in what's now [[New York]] state) and meandered eastward through what would eventually become [[Massachusetts]]. Native Americans, primarily the Mohawks in the west and the Pocumtucks in the [[Connecticut River Valley]] to the east, used the trail in their migrations and had long-established treaties regarding hunting and fishing rights along its length. Unfortunately, the arrival of the white man stirred trouble. Sensing that political unrest between the tribes would further their own ends, the English, located in Pocumtuck territory, and the Dutch, who were making inroads into Mohawk lands in the lower [[Hudson River Valley]], began to manipulate one tribe against the other. Eventually a full-scale war broke out, with the Mohawks ultimately gaining the upper hand. Since no one ever names anything after the losers, the path eventually became known as the ''' "Mohawk Trail." ''' 
With the end of the Indian Wars and the American Revolution, the old trail was gradually rerouted and widened to accommodate wagon traffic between the city of [[Boston]] and the interior towns, particularly [[North Adams]].
By the early part of the 20th century people began to appreciate just how beautiful the region encompassing the trail was, so in October of 1914 the [[Massachusetts]] State Legislature declared the '''Mohawk Trail''' a scenic tourist route.
The '''Mohawk Trail''' has become a popular motorcycle trail. If you are planning on taking a motorcycle, remember to bring a helmet because there is a helmet law in various states.
==Get in== 
The modern '''Mohawk Trail, officially [[Massachusetts]] Route 2, runs from [[Boston, Massachusetts]], to [[Buffalo, New York]], which makes it easily accessible from almost any direction.
If you're coming from the Greater [[New York City]]/[[New Jersey]] or [[Pennsylvania]] area, pick up 684 North and follow it until you hit the Route 22 intersection. Take a right on Haviland Hollow Road to Route 37 in the town of [[New Fairfield, Connecticut]], and from there take Route 39 North. Follow 39 to 55 East and about 2 miles later you'll pick up Route 7 North.Over the line in [[Great Barrington, Massachusetts]], Route 7 turns into Main Street, U.S.A. Farther up the road you'll come to the town of Adams, Massachusetts. When you do, start looking for the signs to Mount Greylock. The turnoff at Rockwell Road comes up quickly, but if you miss it you can turn around in the tourist information parking lot. Coming down Greylock you'll follow the Notch road to Route 2.
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