Wikkitravel Manual of Style: 3 Helpful Tips

1. One very helpful resource from the Manual of Style is the "where you can stick it" section. I think that this is a helpful resource because it gives you an alphabetical list of different kinds of information that people may have, and it explains what section of a page or article that it belongs in. I can see that sometimes it may be difficult to figure out exactly where to put a particular piece of information that you want to add, and if you were to look at this section, than you can find it, and add it. For example, if I wanted to add a new dance club that opened in Providence to the its city page, I might think to put it in the "do" section, but if I were to look at the "where to stick it section," I can scroll down to "d", find "dance club," and it tells me where I should add it: "dance club - the Drink section of the City page."

 2. Another helpful tip comes from the "article templates" page under "How to use templates." This section explains that there are two ways that you can use templates:
  • You can use them to create a new article, by simply finding the Wikki markup for the type of article you wish to create, copying and pasting the markup, and then just adding your information appropriately. But if you do this, the page explains that it is important to remove italicized text (the instructions) because this makes it easier for other people to edit the article.
  • You can use them to edit existing articles by referring to the appropriate template of the article that you wish to add to, and you can see how things are preferred to be organized.
This is good because it keeps Wikkitravel well organized and formatted in a uniformed manner.

 3.Another useful tip is to make sure that all "Section headers" are identical to the ones in the "article templates." For example: don't use Restaurants use Eat, and don't use Introduction but Understand. Again, this helps to keep all pages the same, and it gives the site a uniformed look. It is also helpful to make Wikkitravel unique.

Although the Manual of Style tells you how to do things and why they should be done a certain way, they also make it a point to say that if you make a mistake or are unsure, just "plunge forward" and add the information and somebody else will come along and edit it to make sure that it fits with the style rules of Wikkitravel.

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