The end of a project, but not the end of the page

Coming to the end of this project, I have to say I am really happy with my addition to Wikitravel. I feel like I really helped contribute to the site and also added something that I think could be a popular page. Although it took some time for me to really get the "Understand" section completed the way I thought it ought to be, I really think it is both my best contribution thus far, and also it was a necessity to the new page in order to really set the scene of the Mohawk Trail. I think I did a pretty good job with the basics of the "get in" section. I used routes coming from Boston and New York, primarily because it includes popular highways that will make it easy for other people from different areas to get in fairly easily. As a base, I also added a few posts under "do" "see" "eat" and "sleep." I wanted to do add the beginning of a little something in order to give the page some depth and make it more appealing as well. Although the project is coming to an end, I don't plan on discontinuing my work with this itinerary. It's my baby lol. Eventually I hope to add to each section and then break them up into the different towns, cities, and destinations, and I think that will really help pull it together as an itinerary.

I have to say, I was wrong about this project in the beginning. I really didn't see it being something that I could get into like I did with the enthusiast blog, but I stand corrected. I put my own spin on it, took something that I cared about, and really feel like the page is already being recognized by Wikitravel users. The project may be coming to an end, but as I said before, I plan to continue watching and contributing to the growth of this page.

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