In Class Enthusiast Blog Brainstorm

Topic: My blog will be about all of the little things during our day that never seize to piss us off. From genuine acts of kindness that come back to bite you in the ass to all of the things that make you ask: What the hell was that person thinking?

Audience: There are always times when you are driving in your car, walking down the street, or overhearing a conversation that leaves you mumbling comments under your breath or thinking something in your head. This blog will provide a place to actually make public what you've been thinking for all those years. I want to attract an audience that isn't afraid to say what's on their mind.

Personality: The style that I'm aiming for in this blog will combine blunt honesty, sarcastic responses, and crude humor. I think this style will work best for the type of audience that this blog is designed to reach. Seeing as this is the style, I need an outspoken sort of design with a vibrant style.

Potential Title: We All Sweat The Small Stuff

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