beginning Wikki Travel

I have to say, by browsing those few links and stumbling through different things in Wikitravel, again I learned more than I anticipated. Similiar to my lack of knowledge on blogging before the first project, I have heard of Wikkitravel and similar sites, but I just kind of wrote it off and never really looked into it. Now I actually know a pretty good background on it. I like how the site is described as a community, where everybody has the same rights to post or edit anything...well that is except the administrators. But reading about the administrator and different policy sections also gave me some insight. I liked reading the section on "edit wars," and I always wondered what would happen if people continuously overwrote each other's comments. Now I know that they can put users into a cool down period and protect the page for a period of time so it cannot be edited. I'm also glad that the site clarifies that Wikkitravel is not to be used as a personal journal and I enjoyed reading about the tips for new users about what style exactly is permitted. I found that respect is key, and althought the goal is a professional environment, you are encouraged to write with long as it's not out right slang, swearing, or sarcasm. Although sarcasm isn't really suggested, I'm glad that the site encourages humor, as long as touchy subjects such as politics, locals, government, etc. are approached with caution. My favorite resource for Wikkitravel by far though has to be the, "no advise from 'Captain Obvious' " page. Sometimes people can get carried away with painstaking detail about every statement, but this page promotes concise, honest, and lively posts. I'm also glad that I read the part about speaking to the reader by using "you" but never to use "I" "we" "our" or "my" because it's a community of people posting, commenting, and editing...not just one individual. That being said, I'm interested in "plunging forward" like the site encourages, but I'm just not too sure exactly what I am going to be writing about. I'm a Rhody. Always been a Rhody. And never really traveled much. I guess I'm going to need to give some serious thought as to what exactly I'm going to provide some input on.

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