"We All Sweat the Small Stuff:" Why you should follow it!

The goal of "We All Sweat the Small Stuff" is to attract a unique kind of audience. An audience that shares a common passion of ranting and raving about all of the little things in life that simply piss us off. A group of people that are far from politically correct, enjoy crude humor, are commonly referred to as an asshole, couldn't care less what others think about them, and just simply can't believe some of the stupid shit that some people in this world believe, do, and let fall out of their mouths.

So why should you listen to what I have to say?

Well, if your a sensitive person with a warm heart that loves nothing more than helping other people and providing moral support...than stop reading right now, exit from my page, and have fun living in your little fairy tale world.

Still reading? Congratulations!...you're not a little bitch. And you most likely can't stand any of the people that would actually exit this page. You understand that the real world sucks. You know that life's a bitch, we're all stuck being married to her, and we are forced to deal with allllll of the bullshit that she throws our way. Am I right? Am I close? Are you thinking to yourself right now "wow this guy's a real jerk"?

Whether you answered "yes" to those questions, or just read right over them like they didn't exist (which is honestly what I would do because I hate rhetorical questions like that)...regardless, you're still reading.

And THAT is why you should listen to me.

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